Puzzles Crusade


Puzzles Crusade is a Match3 RPG mobile game based on Blockchain technology. You can conquest the map in PvE mode, trying to save the anchient world from total oblivion or battle your friends in PvP mode, earning rewards with your skills. When you first join Puzzles Crusade you'll be run through a trial/learning process at the end of which you'll already have 5 heroes. At least one of them will be a 3* hero at level 1. These heroes will not be available to be sold in the market. Think about them as your starting squad. Keep playing and you can unlock more powerful heroes by using the summon portal.
There are 5 levels of hero rarities:
  • 1★ - Common
  • 2★ - Rare
  • 3★ - Epic
  • 4★ - Legendary
  • 5★ - Mythical
There are 5 hero origins/elements:
  • Volcano Born Heroes (Red)
  • Forest Born Heroes (Green)
  • Sea Born Heroes (Blue)
  • Dark Born Heroes (Purple)
  • Light Born Heroes (Yellow)
Also, heroes in Puzzles are categorized into 10 major classes according to their skills and special powers.