Puzzles Crusade
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Awake your heroes

Let's see how you can build your hero roaster now.
No matter if you're a free-to-play Crusader or if you're one of the lucky people who managed to buy one or more Genesis heroes, you need more heroes to succeed in the game missions as well as when you try to challenge your friends in PvP mode.
In Puzzles Crusade, to get more heroes you go to the awakening portal. To awake a hero you need a free summon token, or you can use gems (in-game currency). One pull will get you a random hero from all the heroes available in the game. Could be a lousy 1★ Common hero, or it can be a powerfull 5★ Mythical one. It all depends on your luck.
Heroes can also be awakened in packs of 5, 10 and 30 heroes. Awakening more heroes at once does not increase the chance of getting better heroes, but it is know what those who try more, are blessed with more.
Free awakening tokens and gems can be bought through the market, or can be earned by playing the game.