Puzzles Crusade
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Genesis Heroes

The Genesis Heroes are the 5 heroes that will be available for sale when we launch. There will be a total of 10 000 Genesis heroes for you to grab. There will never be any other Genesis Heroes, as well as not ever more copies of the initial 5.
Puzzles Crusade genesis heroes are:
  • Stephen the Great (Volcano Born Hero)
  • Kotys (Light Born Hero)
  • Artemis (Forest Born Hero)
  • Decebalus (Sea Born Hero)
  • Elbowbeard (Dark Born Hero)
Holding a genesis hero means great advantages for you. Apart from the fact that the Genesis Heroes are Mythical rarity heroes with great skills and outstanding stats, that will give you an edge in the battle, holding a Genesis hero will qualify you for a lot of rewards and airdrops down the line.