Puzzles Crusade
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Level up

If you want to succed in Puzzles Crusade it's vital to level up your heroes. Leveling up your heroes is a 2 step process. First you grow your hero for a given number of levels, then you ascend it to the next tier. After that you level it up again, until reaching the max level. You level up a hero by ”feeding him” with lower rarities heroes, and ascend it using some specific items. For Epic heroes and higher, there are specific items which differ by element, needed for ascension. For example, you will need a ”Ring of Trust” to ascend a Legendary Light Born Hero, while for a Legendary Forest Hero you will need a ”Virgine Root”. Every rarity has it's own limits to which a hero can be leveled up and ascended. The paths and limits for every rarity can be checked in the table below.