Puzzles Crusade


Fighting the Titan
As a player you conquest the map in PvE mode, advancing stage by stage, trying to save a fantasy world from total oblivion, or you can challenge your friends in PvP mode, earning rewards with your skills.
Your team is positioned below the grid, the enemies are above it. Both the enemie's and your heroes have one out of five elemental types (colors) which are effective to one another in a rock/paper/scissors-like manner. You fight by matching 3+ stones of an element (color). Matched stones turn into troops of the same color which then move straight upwards to attack the enemies above. This is why the position of specifically colored stones in the grid is important when considering which match to make.
Making a match, also, fills you're corresponding hero mana bar. When full, you get to use the character’s special skill. Skills can be anything ranging from offensive to supportive. When all enemies are beaten, the battle is won. You lose when your entire team is killed.
Energy is required in order to engage your heroes in any activity in Puzzles Crusade. At the beginning, there will be three kinds of energy (World, Titan and Raid Energy), each one with its own unique rate of regeneration and maximum. Some types of energy have a flask associated with it and when imbibed restores that particular type of energy to full. Achieving a new level as a player will restore World, Titan and Raid energy to full.
To conclude, you get one of the most popular mobile game mechanics, but this time built on blockchain, which means you get the ownership of your in-game assets. All heroes, weapons, skins, and buildings will be NFTs and 100% owned by players.