Puzzles Crusade
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The Citadel

Your Citadel is your home base containing all of your buildings. Most buildings either increases your resource storage or produces something, but there are several particularly unique buildings. There is a limited quantity of buildings available to construct, depending upon the level of the Citadel. As such, it is never possible to build the wrong building as they will all be built and used in the end.

The Castle

The Castle level determines how many slots you have available to build upon. As you upgrade the Castle you will gain more slots, and thus more buildings. The Castle level also determines the maximum level to which that you can upgrade other buildings.
Castle concept

Other Production Buildings

  • Mine: Produces iron
  • Farm: Produces food
  • Forge: Produces consumables (such as mana and health potions)
  • Training Camp: Produces heroes
  • Barracks: Advanced building that allows you to Level Up your Troops
  • Hero Academy: Advanced building that allows quicker and cheaper training of heroes and troops.

The Awakening Gate

This is the place where you get more heroes for yourself. It is here that you spend tokens or gems to awake heroes that will join your roaster.