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Tribes are communities created by the players. The tribe helps to increase the connection between the players with quests that require the efforts of all members to support the tribe's growth and collect valuable rewards.

Create a Tribe

A‌ player must reach a certain level, and a small fee is required to create a Tribe. Players can set the Tribe's membership requirements to increase the quality of tribe membership. ‌

Join a Tribe

‌Players can join any Tribe as long as they meet that guild's eligibility requirements.

Tribe Levels

The tribes will have their Levels. The higher the Level the more valuable the rewards. The Tribes will be involved in all kind of missions and all tribe members will have to to work hard for their tribe to succed and be one of the best.

Tribes Leaderboard

The tribes will be ranked against each other. The more time and effort the players put into the game, the higher the tribe rank will be, and therefore the rewards.
The Tribes Leaderboard will be reset periodicaly to ensure fairness between old tribes and new ones.

Advantages of being a Tribe member

  • The Tribes collective roaster: Have a hero that you're not using? Park it in the collective roaster, and anyone from your tribe can use it for a limited period of time. You get a reward as the owner of the hero, and your teammate gets to be more helpful to the Tribe.
  • Tribe Roles: A positioning system for tribe members, members with particular positions can receive additional benefits in collecting in-game assets.
  • The Tribes Quest: The core feature of the Tribe. Every week, the Tribe Quest system will generate many quests with increasing difficulty and rewards. Based on the volume of quests completed, members will receive various rewards.
  • Tribes War: A feature that allows tribes to challenge each other. The matchmaking happens based on a rigurous algorithm. As always, winner gets better loot.