Puzzles Crusade

Q4/2022 - Awakening

We will launch Puzzle Crusade the game and the token in full speed for our early adopters building the foundation for a strong ecosystem. $Puzzle will be our governance token and in-game currency. You will gain voting power by holding $Puzzle token. Most of the rewards will be paid using $Puzzle. We have selected CertiK, a leader in blockchain security, to audit the $Puzzle smart contract to ensure security, transparency and safety for our community. We will release our application on both iOS and Android in order to provide early adopters with a mobile experience in Beta mode. We will airdrop Heroes NFTs to all our Genesis holders that will be immediately usable in-game and tradable on our marketplace.
Puzzle Token Official Launch
Certik audit
App 1.0 Launch on IOS and Android
Weekly Hero Drops