Puzzles Crusade
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Anatol /The Bear/ URSU ZugzwangLabs CEO
Petru / The Wolf/ PLĂMĂDEALĂ ZugzwangLabs COO
Vitalie / The Bull/ PRISĂCARU ZugzwangLabs CMO
Anatol /The Bear/ URSU
Petru /The Wolf/ PLĂMĂDEALĂ
Vitalie /The Bull/ PRISĂCARU
Although by name he is believed to be more of an expert in honey and barrels, it is rumored that he would be good at creating strategies and profitable projects in the long run. Probably just a rumor, but we like to believe it.
Graphic Design Consultant at The World Bank Head Designer at Carbon Market Exchange Freelancer Game Designer
His latest monitoring shows that he is better at spending money than collecting it. Sometimes through pubs, others in projects that are ready to explode, but in both cases he does it with the team and investors. Let's give him a chance.
Co-Founder & Managing Director at Tesla Master Sales Representative at Wolters Kluwer Romania Advisor at Romanian Parliament
The man in charge of our marketing across all channels. If you see uncensored posts on our socials - he's the one to blame. If he's offline for more than 15 minutes, you should be worried, something bad happened, call 911.
Community Manager at Satoshi Club Head of Social Media Department at Soccer Shop VP Public Relations at Tinerii Moldovei