Puzzles Crusade

In-Game Economy

Puzzle Crusade is built on a dual currency + NFT asset model. This allows us to work within the Apple & Android app stores, which currently prohibit crypto tokens to be integrated into apps.
Puzzle Crusade’s in-game economy has been designed with scale and longevity in mind. A dual currency model is combined with an extensive set of customizable tradable game assets as well as multiple active and passive earning mechanisms that can be leveraged by the players.
In-Game Currency $PCOIN (subject to change) - in-game points system which is used for action, reward and purchase within the mobile application.
Crypto Token $PUZZLE (subject to change) - The Governance and utility token in the Puzzles Crusade ecosystem.
NFT Game Assets: Characters, Lands, Castles, Resources, Mines, Farms, Forgeries, Training Camps, Barracks, Troops etc.
A detailed description of our tokenomics will be presented in our whitepaper. Currently, a team of game theory scholars and blockchain experts is working on it. We want to make sure that the model will be sustainable and Puzzles Crusade will not end up like the first generation of play-to-earn games where players that join late are exit liquidity for early adopters.